About Us

laptop-wrench-500The Computer Shop was founded in 1998, a dba of Daemon Systems, LLC. The primary goal has always been to provide small companies and individuals with fantastic computer support and service.  Daemon Systems, LLC, our corporate entity, owes its name to the UNIX environment. A daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user.  That’s us, in the background, hard at work for you.

In more recent years, Daemon Systems became The Computer Shop.   It is a simpler name to which more people can relate. With the name change we slowly moved from primarily business support to more of a residential support model.   This plan brought in a fairly steady flow that built a loyal customer base which continues to grow, largely by word-of-mouth. But our unfulfilled passion of providing excellent corporate support was underserved.

The ever-evolving world of small business IT support technology has finally caught up with the vision of allowing for remote access and monitoring of computer/networks.  The software now available brings reality to the dream for small business- to give the little guy the same support as the big guys.  Rolling out these tools with existing business customers has become our main focus.  Over 500 client computers and 40 servers are being managed and monitored.   Periodic reports show any infections/malware, software update status, remote access time and web traffic, as applicable.

With this quickly becoming the stronger branch of the company, a new name is emerging, “Bulletproof Systems”.  Bulletproof means impenetrable, and Bulletproof Systems is designed to create a plan to keep any business, from tiny to large, safe, robust and secure. It is a name that conveys the amount of trust and faith that can be achieved in the role of protecting, strengthening, fortifying and improving your critical computing networks and systems.