Managed IT Services


Help Desk

Need Help? Let us help with the ever changing technical challenges to your business. Our Help Desk is top notch. It is staffed by technicians that can get right to work on your problem. Help is a phone call or chat away, keeping your business from sitting idle. We can help with everything from simple Microsoft questions to deep computer infections. If our Help Desk can’t get you up and running quickly through our remote access capabilities, we have can locally send someone on-site to resolve the issues.

Remote Administration & Support

Need solutions fast? We offer excellent remote administration and support. We use cutting-edge software that helps our staff remotely manage your network. We can quickly and proactively fix your small issues before they become big problems. More than 80% of business-related computer issues can be resolved remotely, which is more cost-effective for you than on-site or self-help repairs. Being able to remotely reset passwords, create, lock, or remove user accounts from our support center keeps you up and running.

Managed Antivirus

Are you under attack? We offer an excellent managed antivirus antimalware endpoint. This means that we not only install an anti-virus client (we work with several) but manage it for you! We see issues before you do and we contact you and arrange for technicians to resolve them. Your anti-virus is always current and up-to-date. This is a great alternative to having to trust your own employees to maintain their own computer security.

Managed Backup

Worried about a fire or break in? We can automatically backup your data on a schedule that works best for your needs. Our team monitors these backups and corrects any issues that might arise. With the help of these interoperable solutions, your enterprise can improve service levels, data availability and application responsiveness—helping you to cut your costs. Data is backed up where you need it to be and staged to be quickly returned to you in an emergency.

Cloud Services

Not in the Clouds yet? We offer several cloud-based services, from basic e-mail to the above-mentioned cloud based backups. We can provide application suits and enhanced Internet security applications. We constantly strive to offer our customers the newest and best options as they move from theory to reality, at a price that is equally realistic.

Web Security & Content Filtering

Who is looking at what? We have excellent cloud based applications for securing your Internet communications. Not only does it block employee access to unsavory websites, it also blocks any potential security threats. Real-time reporting also gives management a great tool with which to assess employee productivity. Reports can be created that will allow you to monitor your employees’ Internet use, from where they attempted to go to how much time was spent online.

Web Hosting and Email

Are you out there yet? Many small business owners are looking for an affordable way to create an Internet presence; we offer web-hosting, and e-mail capabilities. Let us help get “yourbusiness.com” or “yourcompany.org” on the web today!

Computer Repair

Is it broken? Just need a computer repaired and you are not at the level of needing our Managed Service plan. We offer on-site and in-house repair for everyone, with or without a contract. Let us take a look at it and see if it makes sense to get it repaired. For more information check out our other site www.TheComputerShopSA.com